Judges Visits


Various Locations


14 09 20 - 01 10 20


9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Judges Visits

The Finalists now have some more work to do because our Judging Panel will be arranging to visit each of the Finalists in their own premises in order to learn more about the individuals involved and their business.

All information given throughout the judging process is treated in confidence. Equally, the information given is not disclosed to any other third party without prior consent.

When our Judging Panel visit you will find that this is a relaxed informal discussion, not an intense grilling. Our Judging Panel represents decades of business experience between them and they have found by practice that they can achieve what they require to know in these visits in what may appear to be a very informal manner.

Every Finalist is visited by the Judging Panel by mutual appointment and again many of the previous years’ Finalists have found the discussions sufficiently thought-provoking as to instigate some new ideas or consider changes in strategy.

After the Judging Panel has visited all the Finalists they meet in secrecy to compare their independent assessments.

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