Never be scared of failure

Sir David Hempleman-Adams is guest speaker at the Wiltshire Business Awards launch.

He said: “Business has always been my calling. Adventure has just been a hobby I’ve got to fit around my work. I ran a company and employed thousands of people in Swindon in the chemical industry which is still going.

I’ve seen massive change over the years in the Swindon.

In terms of building a team for adventure, whether that’s the North Pole, South Pole, or Everest, is exactly the same as building a team in business. You need different levels of communication and leadership and that absolutely applies directly to adventure, whether that’s getting to the summit of Everest or running a business.

It’s only when you start to run a business that you’re able to resolve it and you slowly learn, the same as in adventure, you slowly do bigger and better things.
You’ve got to learn to delegate. It’s hard, but people only learn when you give them the space to, and that’s exactly the same in adventure.

Never be scared of failure, always try something. You never know if it’s going to work. People are scared of failure. You’ve got to bite the bullet and go for it.

I’ve encouraged my children doing things they want to do. You can spent a lot of your life doing something you don’t want to do. So try and choose something that you’re going to enjoy for the rest of your life. The thing with adventure is it’s very easy, you keep going to the top, if you’re climbing Everest you keep going until you run out of mountain. With business you obviously want to make it work and make money, but it’s always a moveable feast.

There’s so many different variables happening that you’ve got no control of. In some sense it’s much harder. That’s why you’ve got to get your ducks in a row.”