Taking part is the first step towards winning

Ever wondered what it takes or feels like to be an award-winning business? You could find out by entering the Wiltshire Business Awards.

Most previous winners didn’t think they would win at the time they entered, so don’t be put off by not knowing if you stand a chance. If you run a good business of any kind, there is a category for you to take part… and taking part is the first step towards winning.

You may not win, but by coming along to the launch will enable you to meet business people from Wiltshire who will all have experience very relevant to running businesses like yours. It’s a great opportunity and a chance to learn and share experiences, best practice or just great stories. It’s also a chance to meet the judges and find out what it takes to be a winner. The process of entering will make you look at the way you run your business as if you were a judge yourself. A chance to view your methods of operation in a structured way as if you were outside looking in. An opportunity that we often think about but all too often never get around to doing. It is an opportunity to create credibility and promote your business through the Wiltshire Business Awards process; advertising your entry, as a finalist or for the top three in each category to become a winner.

A chance to get your team behind your entry and get them engaged with the information needed. Feeding back the progress and findings is a great team-building benefit.

The awards ceremony itself, held at Center Parcs in Wiltshire and hosted by Graham Rogers, of BBC Wiltshire, brings together finalists to celebrate achievement. It is a prestigious black tie
event that is a great finale.

In summary, Wiltshire Business Awards is a great way to benchmark your business, celebrate your successes, unite your team, promote and network your services or products and learn from other like-minded people. It’s fun too. So complete your entry to start your journey to success.