Wiltshire Business Awards 2017: Creative Marketing Awareness winners Imagine Cruising

THE marketing team of bespoke cruising travel agents Imagine Cruising were delighted to make history and become the first winners of the Creative Marketing Awareness award at the Wiltshire Business Awards.

The award, which was introduced for the first time this year and sponsored by C3 Marketing, was awarded to Imagine Cruising for their Middle Eastern Melodies campaign where they took 500 clients on a holiday to remember with a intimate live performance with Katherine Jenkins.

“We are absolutely thrilled,” marketing manager Laura Reynolds said. “I was lucky enough to be able to travel out to Dubai for the even where we got Katherine Jenkins to serenade our customers over a meal outside the Jumeirah Beach hotel and they absolutely loved it and was the start of the holiday for many.”

The campaign was such a success that the company have already rebooked the opera singer for two more events in the future and Ms Reynolds said it is rewarding for the whole team seeing their hard work rewarded in such a way.

She added: “We are so lucky that we are able to do this again in Rome in July and next year back in Dubai. Hopefully Hannah, who did all the design work, will be able to see it this time but overall it is incredibly rewarding to see this come to fruition.”